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Shakin our stuff at a Shoreditch Street Party with Krankbrother

Before I get into this, the British weather was an absolute bastard, I mean its July for Christ sake, the organisers couldn’t have picked a better time to run an outdoor street party - but you cannot control the formidable English climate. However, the rain did not dampen our day (I thank you), when you’re out stuck in the rain at a well organised event, with a solid line-up, you just have to embrace the sogginess and get involved (the staff supplied ponchos for the weak/sensible). On arrival, we did not have to queue at all, which is always nice, partly due to the wimps that couldn’t handle a bit of H20, or maybe they were apprehensive about having their balls/boobs cupped by the security. Please don’t get me wrong, I totally get tight security, and it does make you feel a lot safer, but the guy didn’t even ask me my name before he practically initiated second base, whatever happened to chivalry – although it may be a cheap thrill for some.

Krankbrother opened the stage, getting the crowd pumped for the day, playing a mixture of underground electronica, with drag queens throwing the sassiest of shapes along the catwalk. The drag queens were absolutely killing it all day, their dancing was full of energy the entire time, they were shaking their groove thangs in the pouring rain for near 10 hours, and hyping the audience throughout, and so I have to tilt my hat to their fun performances. The stage was positioned at the end of the street and adorned with floral decorations, with two bars at both ends, so you didn’t have to struggle pushing across a crowd every time you wanted to get more sloshed. We barely queued for booze, which is rare for this sort of event, although prices were as extortionate as usual, a standard for anything that is in London or festival-y. I would suggest the option of pints however, £5 for a 330ml Kopparberg (or similar) is a bit poor.

The DJs kept the crowd on their feet all day, with disco, house, and, of course, disco house, blasting out of the speakers non-stop, they had a sweet sound system (you could say as sweet as a Honey Sound System…I’m here all week). Although Joy Orbison was the headliner, I think my favourite set was from Prosumer, purely because of my bias towards disco, and MAN did Prosumer play some corkers, which the crowd did seem to get down to a bit more. Here's hoping the weather sorts it's life out next year, because Krankbrother are running a great event that is built for some drunken escapism on a sunny day, hidden in the middle of busy London like a secret street festival.

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