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Malia showcases a rich cosmic soul sound on new EP Late Bloomer

This new EP from Malia is a beautifully created work, the singer manages to show off her abilities as a singer, songwriter and musician in a short amount of time – there are only 7 tracks here to delve into. Late Bloomer emulates a blend of R’n’B and soul, with phat basslines and gorgeous harmonies from start to finish. Opener ‘Simple Things’ is a standout track with its ethereal funk and neo-soul sound that is becoming ever-more present in the mainstream, see Anderson. Paak, Childish Gambino, and Syd. Odd Future rapper Syd, who is also lead singer for soul band The Internet, is perfectly chosen as a guest artist on closer ‘Dirty Laundry’; featuring a collaborator as well-known as Syd (we were lucky enough to see her late last year) is a strong sign that Malia is on the way up. The bass throughout this EP is sexy every time (which is typical of cosmic soul, hear TLG's Cosmic Soul playlist on Spotify and Apple Music), especially on ‘Sleepin’’ supported by a funky guitar riff that could encourage some serious baby-making. The guitar solo on ‘Sleepin’’ also feels very psychedelic, think D’Angelo meets The Isley Brothers - the style of instrumentation on these tracks is real tasty and properly groovy. ‘Small Talk’ highlights the subtle and sleek production that is audible right the way through, with instruments seamlessly layered. To cap it all off, Malia has a gorgeous voice; her singing sounds effortless and gentle on Late Bloomer with her wide vocal range explored during the course of the EP. Late Bloomer is now available to download on Spotify and Apple Music, you can also follow Malia on Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud for updates on new music and upcoming performances. Fingers crossed there will also be a tour around the UK because Malia’s musical style would translate pleasantly into a live setting with its deep and rich sound.

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