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TLG's Anderson .Paak Gems

Anderson .Paak is the man behind Grammy award winning album Malibu (along with his band The Free Nationals), he also happens to be Dr. Dre's protege. The rapper/singer/musician/songwriter may seem fairly fresh in the hip hop mainstream, however the renowned jazz drummer has been sessioning and collaborating all over the place for nearly the last decade! Having previously worked on Yes Lawd!, in partnership with producer Knxwledge, as well as his debut EP Venice, and solo efforts under his earlier mantle of Breezy Lovejoy, Anderson .Paak has a wealth of material to explore.

From collaborations with The Game, Schoolboy Q and Mac Miller, to his early solo material, any song Anderson .Paak touches seems to turn to gold - this is just the beginning of his journey to becoming one of the all time greats...

There's a new album on the way this year, so we've put a playlist of his gems together to tide you over until the new release. TLG's Anderson .Paak Gems is now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music - Spotify users should get that 12 second cross-fade on to appreciate the mix.

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