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TLG's Music Is Power

The UK’s in a Brexistential Crisis, Trump’s still in the White House, and so on… The world is a strange place right now but we are ever optimistic and hopeful that things will all be groovy.

So we’ve put together a playlist of songs to uplift, inspire, and most of all empower you. Checkout TLG’s Music Is Power on Spotify and Apple Music.

We are using our platform to support a People’s Vote and raise awareness, to inspire the creative arts industry into bringing their voice to the front of this conversation. For our British artistic exports, our democracy, and the aspiring generations to come.

The creative arts will continue to flourish and we hope musicians will use their platforms to invoke change, shine a light on the smallest of injustices, and provide us with endless escapism. Strength of unity will always supersede division.

Music Is Power.

Artwork by Izzy Fitzsimmons

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