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Interview: Sal & Pops talk northern soul, viral dancing, and their development as a duo

With the release of their latest singles 'I Surrender' and 'I Kissed A Girl', we caught up with singers and viral dancing duo Sal & Pops...

Following your first two singles, ‘What If’ and ‘Try My Love Again’, your third single ‘I Surrender’ is a cover of Eddie Holman - what drew you to cover this particular track?

It’s an absolute classic track, one that we both love and remember from all-nighters we went to at the kings hall in Stoke. It takes us back to the moment of walking through the doors and being hit by a wall of sound.

Also the way that The Northern Soul Orchestra play it gives us a buzz. They’ve really picked up the tempo and that’s what makes it even more special, it’s given it a different feel which is what we want to do with this music.

The two of you have been performing together since meeting in 2009 at The New Vic theatre, how have you both developed together and complemented each other as a duo?

Because we have been best friends for almost ten years, we know each other inside and out, we know one another’s qualities and assets, strength and weaknesses. We have also learned so much over these years of working together. It has helped us both develop in so many different ways, we really bring the best out in each other and love helping each other learn.

With all this said, we do believe that our instantaneous connection we both have for music is what has really helped us develop the most over these years of working together.

On YouTube & TikTok, you’ve been making names for yourselves with the ‘Northern Soul in The Garden’ videos, dancing to some of your favourite tracks - do you think these visual platforms are transforming the way fans consume music?

People love seeing other people having a good time to music. Visually they enjoy watching it. Also these social media platforms reach a wide span of people, so there are far more people finding new music through these platforms. We enjoy using them, as we get to do all the things we love.

What draws you to northern soul music and it’s scene?

It’s always about the music. The sound, the vocals - you really feel it within every ounce of your being. It takes over and helps you just be yourself without any cares in the world.

Which contemporary artists inspire you and where do you take your influence from generally?

Bruno Mars - he is the full package- he’s got style, soul, the moves, and a voice that is soooo smooth. Everything about him is what you want in a performer.

Are there any live shows planned or further upcoming projects?

We have another track just released - 'I Kissed A Girl'.

We have a few gigs lined up too, we had to postpone a few again that we had in June but we can’t wait to get out and perform where ever and whenever we can.

We’re always planning new content for our social media platforms to keep everyone entertained - we want to keep spreading the faith!

Finally, what does the word ‘groove’ mean to you?

It’s about feeling the music throughout your whole body and soul.

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