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Jacques Greene - Art Installation & Album Release

Canadian DJ and music producer Jacques Greene has already made quite a name for himself over the past few years with original releases, EPs, remixes and collaborations with bands such as Radiohead and How to Dress Well all under his belt. But come March 10th (or March 25th if you’re waiting for the vinyl release) Jacques Greene will be releasing his debut album, Feel Infinite, stated as being dedicated to “the utopian idea of club culture”.

Greene stated that “[t]he essence of the record is to draw emotions and moments that above all, feel human within the context of dance music. I want it to be celebratory of all that we feel and do and experience – the beautiful, the good, and the bad”.

In order to promote the release of his latest single, Real Time, an installation has been created where by viewers are invited to watch a live stream of the single being played on an old record player which, over the course of 4 weeks will slowly destroy itself.

“We’ve cut a single bar of the main loop of the song to a looping vinyl dubplate,” explains Dominic Flannigan, co-founder of record label LuckyMe. “Gradually, the turntables arm and cartridge will begin to break, wobbling the sound.”

If you want to take a look, the installation can be watched from Jacques Greene’s official website

Feel Infinite Tracklist: 01. Fall 02. Feel Infinite 03. To Say 04. True (feat. How To Dress Well) 05. I Won’t Judge 06. Dundas Collapse 07. Real Time 08. Cycles 09. You Can’t Deny 10. Afterglow 11. You See All My Light

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