We share the grooviest news, reviews, and events in music. Trouve la Groove is a space to focus on the good, but ignore the bad and the ugly. For those of you who don’t speak French, trouve means ‘find’, and if you don’t know what groove means...why are you here? Our job is to sift through the shit and trouve those grooves, so that you don’t have to.

Jazz, funk, soul and disco are intertwining genres, the music of which has been the influence of some of the most creative output across the board. Our aim is to discover and explore music of the past and present that we feel relates to these genres, for you to enjoy. We will be talking about everything from undiscovered artists to those who have graced the top of the charts, the venues that host them and the latests events that showcase the finest music in the world of groove.


To us it doesn’t matter if it’s a talented star like Bruno Mars or a superb DJ like Greg Wilson, we just want to find anything music related that makes us feel good, and we hope you’ll like it too.

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