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François K and Tim Sweeney @ Phonox, Brixton

Last weekend we went for a Sunday Funday at Phonox in Brixton, the venue hosted François K and Tim Sweeney performing DJ’s sets from 6-12pm full of disco, house, and soul tracks. These are two legends of the New York music scene, Francois K being one of the original Studio 54 residents and seen as a pioneer of house music, and Tim Sweeney being the host of the renowned Beats in Space radio show. To see both of these acts in such a cool venue for only £6 is an absolute steal, so it would’ve been daft to miss this.

The venue itself is up there as one of my favourites in the UK, there was a smoke machine creating a slightly hazy atmosphere with some incredibly mesmerising lasers and the biggest disco ball I have ever seen in a club, it was nostalgic but futuristic at the same time. The club was busy but not too cramped, which meant you were comfortable dancing in this smoky atmosphere and could get lost in your own euphoric world. As well as having room to boogie, there was also plenty of space in the smoking area, but it still felt like a strong crowd all evening.

One of the rules here was not to take photos, I think this is a great idea (even if it’s frustrating for a review) because it keeps people off of their phones and focused on enjoying themselves and listening to the music, instead of snapchatting how their entire evening has played out. The music across the evening was varied and surprising, playing one of my favourite tracks by The Reflex, a re-edit of Stevie Wonder’s original unreleased songs ‘Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long’. T

here were also classic disco tracks like ‘Hit And Run’ by Loleatta Holloway and dance numbers like ‘Double Dance Lover’ by Mount Liberation Unlimited.

Phonox is a suitable place for either a proper boogie on the upstairs dancefloor or a calm drink in the downstairs bar; the music played in the main room is played on speakers downstairs, and in the toilets, so that you don’t miss out. This is a club well worth checking out because it’s such a great venue and they put on a real mix of DJ’s and artists, and because of the photo rule you will just have to go and see it for yourself.

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