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Two Door Cinema Club @ Alexandra Palace, London

I’d been waiting to see Two Door Cinema Club again ever since the release of their latest album, Gameshow, and this was by far the best performance I have seen from the band so far. The band were all on top form, with lead singer Alex Trimble proving that he has a great vocal range, they sounded just like on their albums and demonstrated how much they have progressed since the release of Tourist History. The venue itself is of course incredible, it looks real fancy but Alexandra Palace has a great festival-like atmosphere inside, which can at times be a bad thing (drunk knobheads getting all Billy Big Bollocks). The crowd got really involved and knew every song because the setlist was full of bangers, my only disappointment was the lack of ‘Fever’ and ‘Ja Viens De La’, as I would’ve sacrificed maybe one or two of the old songs for some new material.

However, it was a bloody good show. I enjoyed seeing them even more this time as they have really upped their game, both in their live performance and production. The lighting designer for this tour needs to be congratulated, because these were some of THE best lights and visuals I have seen at a live gig. Chris Swain is the designer, who goes by the name Squib, and he has created some incredibly hypnotic, colourful, and next-level displays. Squib also happened to do the lighting design for the support act, Circa Waves, who also put on a wicked show, I couldn’t believe I’d never listened to these guys before (and they have a really cool band name).

Two Door Cinema Club played all of the classics, and every single catchy hook is so damn good to sing along to (although I sounded more like I was chanting). All of the new songs, unsurprisingly, worked brilliantly in a live setting and completely solidified themselves as Two Door classics. Another thing I particularly loved were the MEGA CONFETTI CANNONS!!! It is probably the child inside of me, but any gig that goes crazy with the confetti makes me lose my shit, and

this was right in the immense finale performance of ‘What You Know’. This is up there as one of my favourite gigs, I had such a good time because you can’t be sad or bored listening to Two Door Cinema Cinema Club, they are too much fun. If you get the chance to see them in a gig setting then go, this was even better than at Glastonbury, and every aspect of the show was completely on point. I want to do it all over again.

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