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Get funky to the sounds of soul band Boukou Groove

It's easy to lose half of your day by browsing on Spotify, but every single time that I get lost in new and undiscovered territory I stumble across some incredible artists. The latest gem I have found is a band who go by the name of Boukou Groove (you can see why I immediately checked out their profile), they are damn funky and real soulful. Boukou Groove may have only released two albums, but they already have a catalogue of gorgeous sounding music, both A Lil’ Boukou in Your Cup from 2012 and Let the Groove Ride from 2015 are consistently spot on.

Boukou Groove are formed of Derwin “Big D” Perkins, killing it on guitar, and singer Donnie Sundal, whose voice is flawlessly soulful (he also produces). When I say his voice is flawlessly soulful, Sundal is up there as one of my favourite recent soul singers already, he has the smoothness of legend Al Green and the sassiness of Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes (there’s even some sexy Luther Vandross style in there). The man of course smashes the production on both albums as well, with a live jam vibe, and who on earth doesn't love the sounds of a Moog. Which brings me onto Big D, this guy is nailing the shit out of it, his guitar playing brings the melodies into the foreground as an almost duet; this guy can sing with his fingers (calm down, you filthy minded people).

Songs like ‘Can’t Come Back’ and ‘I’ll Take You There’, the latter of which has an intro similar to ‘Thinking of You’ by Sister Sledge, are both absolute bangers and feel like summery grooves. Big D gets to do his thang throughout, and boy does he get completely funkin’ funked up. Their most well-known song, ‘Two to Tango’, has some tasty organ work and features terrific backing vocals (all of the vocals are on bloody point with BG). There are some amazing soul numbers in Boukou Groove’s discography, ‘I Can Take You Further’ is a next level babymakin’ track, they have the ability to be romantic, fun, or uplifting (often all three). I challenge you to not enjoy the music of Boukou Groove, it’s near impossible. These talented guys are completely worth your time and will hopefully have a lot more still to offer, I can’t imagine them producing anything other than groovy tunes.

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