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Getting Gin & Juicy with some Hip Hop at The POW, Brixton

Gin & Juice have been running club nights in London, Nottingham, and Leeds for a few years or so now, bringing hip hop anthems to the masses, so we went down to The Prince of Wales in Brixton to check it out for ourselves.

The event was held in the club and rooftop terrace sections, which are separate from the pub itself. The POW is now one of our favourite venues in London, there are so many different sections and levels with plenty of areas to explore, and so much so that it doesn’t get too cramped (gotta have space to throw mad shapes). The rooftop terrace feels very summery and welcoming with its colourful lighting and flame heaters, but inside the main club room it’s a whole other story. First off, there were disco balls all over the place (an immediate selling point), the lights and lasers were top notch alongside some futuristic LED panels, and the DJ was visible from all over.

The Gin & Juice event was a decent price, especially for a night out in London at a great venue. We heard a few bangers from the likes of Outkast and Wu-Tang Clan, with ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Gravel Pit’. There was a great vibe inside and out, everyone was clearly there for a good night, and the crowd were getting properly involved. The only thing we would’ve liked to hear was a bit more of some classic hip-hop, which we had been expecting, but instead the DJ played much more recent commercial hip-hop when we were craving some Snoop Dogg or Sugarhill Gang. However, the DJs still read the room well and people were enjoying the dancey tunes, so we’d definitely check it out again if we got the chance. The next Gin & Juice event in London is on the 28th May for the Terrace BBQ Day and Night Party at The Oval Space, and it's bank holiday weekend so you can get extra wavey.

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