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Jocelyn Brown’s Powerhouse Vocal Career

Everybody knows the Jocelyn Brown hit ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that she was a one hit wonder. However, Jocelyn Brown has a much bigger back catalogue than many people realise, simply because she has been featured as a vocalist with numerous artists, and in a lot of bands; many of the tracks blessed with Brown’s incredible voice have been successful releases, that you are bound to recognise. You can listen to many of these tracks on our Spotify playlist TLG’s Jocelyn Brown Collection.

The heyday of disco produced so many bangers with Jocelyn Brown’s involvement, her powerful performances appear earlier on with the likes of Inner Life, notably on a magnificent version of ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, and Musique, with disco classics like ‘Keep On Jumpin’’ and ‘In The Bush’. These numerous singing credits (or uncredited in many cases) are not just limited to 70s classics, as there were loads of tunes from the 90s dance scene that had the sassy and mighty voice of Brown elevating them to chart success. The Incognito track ‘Always There’, released in 1991, was a cover of Side Effect’s 1976 original that stormed the charts, becoming their first hit. This is another number where Brown becomes the highlight, displaying her distinctive tone and her ability for riffing along to any tune.

Whilst Jocelyn Brown is rarely acknowledged on these tracks, her voice is so unique and distinguishable that you can pick her out across the board. Although, we didn’t realise she featured on some of our favourite disco funk tracks, such as on The Glow of Love album by Change, but it makes so much sense once you know. We felt pretty stupid for not spotting that it was JB on ‘Angel in My Pocket’ and ‘It’s A Girls Affair’ after all this time, what a line-up for Change though, Luther and Jocelyn both on vocals, you don’t get much better than those two legends.

The playlist we’ve compiled is not an exhaustive list, Brown’s guest appearances are abundant on the music scene, working with the likes of Cerrone, Nuyorican Soul, and Todd Terry. If you like what you hear, JB is playing a few tour dates this year and is featured on the line-up for Reload Festival in Norwich. Jocelyn Brown is one of the most prolific disco divas still performing, and we can’t wait to get our sassy groove on to her incredible collection of belters.

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