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The Paisley Daze reignite the Rock 'n' Roll flame

We'd been keen to see The Paisley Daze for a while, and finally got to see them headlining at The Islington on Friday.

They are a new wave rock ‘n’ roll group, whose groovy sound falls somewhere in between The Beatles and Oasis, but they much closer to the 60s rock side. They performed all new tunes, in anticipation of their mixtape which will be released later this year, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Kicking off their set with 'Groovin’', the crowd for The Paisley Daze filled out the venue within minutes. It’s hard to resist a band with this kind of old school sound, especially if you were boozing next door - far too much of a tease. The band look truly at home on stage, from their performance to their sound, and even down to their dress sense. They tick all the boxes.

Whilst The Islington may not have the best sound equipment (or technician maybe?), although it does look the part, The Paisley Daze still smashed their set, playing tracks like 'After Time Goes By' and 'Sometimes'. The hippy shakes were in full effect with frontman Pritham Bahra on guitar and vocals, reminiscent of a younger hip-swingin' Prince with other band members Jack Gooderidge strumming it out on bass, Kishan Bahra (brother of Pritham) jamming on guitar and Elisa Trimarchi killing it on drums. Their compositions are refreshingly old school, and come across well live, unlike many whimsical, mushy attempts made at this style in recent releases. It was like discovering awesome songs from the 60s you never knew existed.

The Paisley Daze are filling a gap in the market that has been seemingly vacant for far too long, and are doing so with flair and authenticity - with the way nostalgia seems to be shaping the music industry right now, there is a calling for some proper rock ‘n’ roll. I love indie rock, but there’s plenty of indie bands storming the charts and playing the festival circuits, even venturing into the world of pop; so it’s about time they moved out of the way and let some proper groovy rockers, like The Paisley Daze, have a stab at the charts. The band have a sound that allows for the recordings and live shows to be completely different experiences, both are wonderfully executed.

Whatever you do, get down and fucking seen them soon - you can find all their upcoming events here. They are currently over in Hong Kong performing, but will be returning to the UK for their appearance at Bootfest in London on the 24th August.


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