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Adannay to launch new EP 'Her Favourite Song'

Soul, pop, R&B, funk - Adannay is a singer-songwriter who ticks all of our boxes. Soon to be launching the new EP Her Favourite Song, this lady has come far from her beginnings in writing and performing at the age of 11. A born and bred South Londoner, with a background in Caribbean Folk and Gospel music, her love of vocal harmony combined with a solid bassline influences her eclectic writing style.

Adannay has certainly done the rounds, playing at venues such as Westminster Concert Hall in London and internationally at the Airwaves Music Festival over in Reykjavik, Iceland. As an architecture student at Oxford Brookes University, her reputation expanded to the Oxford music scene as a soloist and multi-instrumentalist, accompanying herself with keys or guitar, as well as starring in musicals.

Skip forward to 2017 and Adannay has co-written and featured on ‘Familiar Stranger’ with Southend band ARCAVES and collaborated with other artists such as B.R.O. Now back in London, she will be releasing her own material, starting off with a debut single - ‘Her Favourite Song’. Adannay is releasing the track on Sunday 17th December, along with a launch the same day at Battersea Barge from 2:30pm. Adannay’s debut single will be followed by her first EP early next year, which she will be previewing at the single launch - expect some impressive vocals and groovy jams.

Having seen some of her gigs before, we’re very excited to see this brand new and original material performed live. Something that we particularly enjoy about Adannay’s shows are her mash-up covers, with tunes you might not expect to be combined. The musician always writes a cracking and unique arrangement, which can only sound top-notch with that gorgeous voice. If you don't want to miss out on her single debut, you can buy tickets here and checkout the event details here.

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