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Adannay's sell-out EP preview launches her new single at Battersea Barge

We had the honour of co-hosting the launch of Adannay’s new single ‘Her Favourite Song’, and gave lucky guests a chance to preview not only the single but her upcoming EP too - and as if that wasn't enough, we sold out...and did it on a BOAT!

The Battersea Barge is moored along the river between Vauxhall and Battersea Park in a well-hidden area, so it offers a unique experience in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London - it’s separated from the craziness so is a perfect escape to feast your eyes and ears.

Special guest Lucy Mair (@lucymairmusic on Facebook and Instagram) kicked the event off with a mesmerising solo set, looping beat boxing, vocals and keys. Her delicate and fresh approach to this method was striking, which held the previously buzzing and excitable audience in complete silence, and was an epic way to open the show. Be sure to check out her new EP Soulful Goodbye, also available on Spotify and Apple Music.

After an exclusive preview of the 'Her Favourite Song' video, Adannay's set began with the lively 'Red Bottle'. She is charismatic and clearly at home on the stage, so this upbeat, dancey number was perfect to get everyone in the mood. Adannay played an acoustic intermission set after a couple more songs from the EP, before re-entering with a favourite: ‘American Boy’ by Estelle with ‘Scream & Shout’ by and Britney (which you can see a clip of to the right, or on our Instagram page here). She ended the set (before an encore of the single - the audience wanted to hear it a THIRD time) with the ridiculously catchy and gloriously funky pop number ‘Underneath The Stars’.

This set perfectly showcased Adannay's adaptability and diverse range of styles: her singing is powerful, yet sweet and gentle, and can move from fronting a full live band to accompanying herself acoustically. To cap it all off, the crowd were fun and full of energy, and we couldn't have been more overwhelmed with the warm reception each performance got.

Adannay's music reflects the style and approach to live performance that we rave about at Trouve la Groove - groovy jams, and a true stage performer - so if you missed the event, check out our gallery below and hear the single 'Her Favourite Song' on both Spotify and Apple Music, as well as the new music video available on youtube. Also, keep your eyes and ears out for her next performance to launch the debut EP Her Favourite Song - on Instagram and Facebook.

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Photo Credits - Josh Reynolds, Matt Wallace, & Jakob Hingst

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