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Electric Ballroom hosts a night of soul with Lee Fields & The Expressions and Izo FitzRoy

We headed to Camden to the Electric Ballroom to see Lee Fields and the Expressions, along with special guest Izo FitzRoy.

This was a night of top-class soul, with some stellar performances from all artists on the stage. The backing singers for Izo FitzRoy were wonderfully on point, showing off some fine harmonies; these vocalists were from the Soul Sanctuary gospel choir, along with lead singer Izo. She and her crew eased us in with some beautiful soul and a few booty shaking foot stompers. We knew from the three instrumental openers of Lee Fields’ set that there was still plenty more fun to be had.

The musicians got the audience grooving all night and everyone was getting involved, especially with Lee Fields' playful crowd engagement and openness on stage. Lee Fields had just found out about a personal bereavement, which he broke to the crowd during a reflective moment. Both the emotional outpouring in Lee Fields’ voice and physical energy throughout the show were really felt. The song ‘I Wish You Were Here’ was the epitome of soul; the man was genuinely singing his heart out. It felt both sad and joyous because everyone in that room was right there with him, you really understood what Lee Fields was singing about.

The highlights from the gig were countless: Izo FitzRoy’s cover of Chaka Khan’s ‘Love Has Fallen On Me’ to Lee Fields and The Expressions’ ‘We Can Make The World Better’, the latter of which provided optimistic view of the future and felt like a solid crowd-pleaser. One of our highlights was Izo FitzRoy’s new track ‘I Want Magic’, which has not been recorded yet, it was the first time the song had ever been performed live. Despite Izo’s gospel and smooth soul influences, this new tune had a real disco flare to it in both style and structure – it seemed like it will be a sure-fire hit with its catchy chorus and danceable melodies.

Whether you know the songs or not, this is the sort of music that is always a pleasure to hear and see live - Mr Fields and Ms FitzRoy certainly know how to bring the funk, and so do their bands. We can’t wait for what both artists have in-store for the future, with Izo FitzRoy’s new track hinting at a more boogie orientated soul style on her next album.

If you aren’t familiar with these soul stars then checkout their material, we highly recommend Izo FitzRoy’s debut album Skyline (Spotify and Apple Music), along with Lee Fields and The Expressions 2016 record Special Night (Spotify and Apple Music).

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