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The Paisley Daze blend new age rock n' roll with jazz funk on fresh EP Daze Culture

Having seen The Paisley Daze live a number of times, which is always an absolute treat, it's safe to say that we are big fans - their new EP Daze Culture gloriously illiustrates why.

The band are exploring a mixture of genres on this record, whilst still maintaining their signature new age rock n’ roll style, which emulates 60s acts such as The Beatles but employing the heavier rock sound associated with Brit Pop. There's an audible Oasis influence on ‘Hypernormalization’, the guitar riff has got a Noel Gallagher touch written all over it. However, this first track is something quite different to the bands other work - with some galactic synths thrown in - the vocals are a cross between chantable 90s rock and spoken word. Throughout the track you can visualise the band translating this well from an album opener to a show opener.

Second track 'Konfused' immediately feels like a classic Paisley Daze number and it sounds great. Kish Bahra puts in one of his best vocal performances on 'Konfused', with some gorgeous Beatles-like harmonising. The guitars and slow-paced drums, combined with some sexy horns that float into the track, give the tune a summery feel that will have you longing for a wavy sesh in the sun.

'Make My Daze' is where things get particularly raunchy, it’s essentially a jazz-funk number but with the bands unique 60s-esque style. There is both a funky synth bass alongside a tasty bass guitar, all of the instruments here are played by the talented lead singer and musician Pritham Bahra. Mark Lam Chi Ching features playing a saxophone part that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Earth, Wind, and Fire track - this is my personal highlight on the album. I am loving the new addition of horns on this EP, it adds a jazzy soulful tone to the overall sound that is rarely utilised by rock bands - see The Rolling Stones' ‘Emotional Rescue’ and The Band's ‘Don’t Do It’.

Thankfully there are plenty more brass to appetise on the following track 'Lovesphere' - there is something about trumpets, saxophones and anything in a horn section that seems to always elevate a song. Liam Gallagher mocked the idea of featuring a sax on 2017s As You Were - maybe he could learn a thing or two from The Paisley Daze. Their backing vocals on 'Lovesphere' emulate the accent heavy singing of The Kooks but to the backdrop of what is essentially an old-school soul number - how could anyone not enjoy that?

On 'After Time Goes By' it kicks off with a gentle keys intro and then eases into a psychedelic soft rock number. The filter on this guitar, along with the deep and muted bassline from Jack Gooderidge, is upliftingly trippy. You can really hear how much fun the band are having here, with Danny Schutte's drums playing a prominent part in ‘After Time Goes By’, rhythmically bouncing around to make this a song you can both dance and chill to.

Daze Culture closes with the upbeat indie rock n’ roll tune 'Sometimes' with some great lead and backing vocals - this track will be a crowd favourite to see live. Guitarist and singer Kish sounds like Paul McCartney and Liam Gallagher got high and had a child together, he nails the vocals and it’s a sing-a-long anthem waiting to be heard across the biggest fields at Glastonbury Festival. This EP covers so much ground in just six songs, The Paisley Daze's musical approach and groovy style is deeply rooted in so many of our favourite rock artists, yet it's a refreshingly different sound. There is an overlap with the current troupe of indie artists waving the rock flag, the band understand that you've got to look backwards to move forwards. Even the album's artwork is old-school but with a modern twist. Daze Culture is simply a delight on every listen and shows the bands potential for huge success.

Catch The Paisley Daze performing at The Urban Bar in Whitechapel for a night of Hong Kong Rock N' Roll on Saturday 24th February. They will also be joining Trouve la Groove and Adannay as special guests at the launch party for the new EP Her Favourite Song on Sunday 4th March at Hootananny Brixton, get your tickets here.

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