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Two Another bring their genre-bending cosmic sound to Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

If you have checked out any of our Cosmic Series playlists, or you have taste as good as ours, then you have probably heard of Two Another...if you haven’t already heard of them then you are in for a treat.

Based in North London, Two Another have released two EPs since 2016: Two Another and EP Two. They are showing no signs of slowing down, with some new music scheduled for release this year. We were lucky enough to get a preview of some of these tracks during their set at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. A particular standout was their performance of the intro to their upcoming mixtape which had a groovy intro, with a slow paced guitar riff that wouldn’t go a miss on a disco track. This moved straight into new track 'Superhuman', to be released later this year, which features the bands staple cosmic soul style, with a funk filled bassline and 80s synth keys.

Two Another have a unique style that blends funk, soul, electronic dance, trip hop, and disco. We love all of their tracks and they are produced beautifully but we LOVED their sound live even more so, lead singer Eliot Porter's distinct vocals are mesmerising. Having a full band on stage, some sleek lights, and a clear enjoyment for performing made Two Another already seem like big-time professionals. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, production is key - having decent visuals or lighting will elevate any live performance and adds that something extra. Angus Campbell's cosmic synth and a duo of bassists, Louis Munro (Bass and Keys) and Luke Wynter (Guitar, Bass, and Keys), funkin' out on stage together is enough alone to impress. Two Another's songs are elegantly layered tracks, thanks to the addition of Max Lauder's mellow drums with Eliot's Porter's gentle, ethereal vocals gorgeously harmonised with backing vocalist, Nadine Charles.

The support act, Lou Stone, was not a typical pub guitarist imitating Ed “Loop Pedal” Sheeran (which seems to be the case everywhere these days); he has a refreshingly different vibe to the typical formulaic acoustic chart climbers and is a talented songwriter; his tracks ‘Missing You’ and ‘Don’t You Understand’ particularly stood out. In fact, this guitar style is exactly the sort of sound I would like the mainstream guitar musicians (also see Ben Howard, any member of One Direction’s solo stuff, most male X Factor runner up’s etc.) to head towards - start making things interesting and less predictable.

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen had one of the best sound systems we’ve heard at a more intimate venue, there was clarity in every instrument and vocal, it also wasn’t so overbearingly loud that it became a wall of white noise (I’m looking at you O2 venues…). The venue was a little too busy, they may want to consider their capacity limit, but that is a testament to how good Two Another are. ‘Aiming Up’ and new track ‘Hoping You Changed’ were particularly good live, but their most disco-like number ‘Keeping Me Under’ was a phenomenal choice of closer and had everyone gleefully uplifted on the dancefloor. You can grab the vinyl of their EP Two Another which includes an exclusive 12-inch version of 'Keeping Me Under' - cosmic disco at it's finest.

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