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Introducing DeepMatter's emerging Soulful Songstress Stella Talpo

Hailing from Italy and grown in Singapore, Stella Talpo is now based in Brixton releasing music with independent record label DeepMatter. Having previously released her debut EP Space just under three years ago, Stella Talpo has been dropping a few singles over the last couple of years. Now, the singer is kicking off 2019 with a fresh track, the smooth and cosmic sounding 'Easy', teasing further material in the year ahead.

In this latest release the singer discusses how falling in love can be both difficult and easy all at the same time. With some sleek production, this blend of mellow funk and indie R&B melds together seamlessly with Stella Talpo's silky vocals. Her voice naturally floats over the glossy funk, channelling sadness, frustration, tranquility, and feeling content. Love can be a pain in the arse sometimes but it is also the easiest emotion to ride along with.

The previous hit single 'Girl' has garnered over 310k streams on Spotify, earning a spot on renowned playlists such as 'Sweet Soul Sunday', 'UK Viral 50' & 'Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji'. Stella Talpo is one to keep you ears on, catch her upcoming show on Feb 14th at W12 Studios - a new venue in White City. Described as "a space to showcase and enable creativity – with no two days the same. An ever-changing line-up of food, drink and music will deliver some of London’s best creative talent to create a truly dynamic space".

If you are keen to see what else is on the roster, head over to W12's website where they plan to showcase the finest emerging artists with various events consisting of live acoustic sessions, resident DJs and carefully curated playlists. If you are a lover of exploring new music then there's plenty of "soulful sessions, gigs, club nights and open mic" nights to expect – with a swish spot by the BBC and ITV Studios.

Listen to Stella Talpo on Spotify and Apple Music.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Keep up to date with releases and tour dates on the official website and with record label DeepMatter on bandcamp.

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